Brand Story


The founder of Upperhand discovered this for himself.

Born in a small, rural town in north-east Italy, he held a simple and powerful dream. To be a professional athlete, to see the world. For a five-year old Italian kid, it seemed out of reach. But his family taught him this lesson:

Believe, and the unexpected will come

He remained defiant in the face of doubters. He stuck bravely to his dream. He lived the way his family taught: with respect, humility, and loyalty — and persistence.

Tenacity brought him closer to his goal. A hunger for perfection, his calmness under pressure, his understanding of the unexpected carried him along to become a star-player of the Italian national team.


What he did next was unexpected

He turned to train a new generation of athletes, taking them all the way to their dreams. He reached the top his own way. An outsider’s way — but it made him who he is today. His quest for excellence includes his other passion: distilling. His travels led him to create a gin that reflects his way of life.

Authentic and Unexpected.


Learn to love the unexpected

It means believing in yourself, even when nobody’s looking. Knowing that you’ve got what it takes to get what you want, no matter what comes across your path. So if that means defying the odds, bring it on. Being ready to make the move at just the right moment is what lets you reach your dreams. Gaining the upperhand, even when nobody thought it possible.

Understanding your own journey is what makes you special. It’s the route you take that creates who you are. We started from a unique place, and we’ve come a long way into the unknown. We’ve had to get smart to get on.

The Underdog will get the Upperhand


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